Automatic Lubrication

EcoTech + Pulsarlube

Single-point automatic lubrication devices are a way to make sure all your equipment receives the proper amount of lubricant at the correct times without having to invest in an expensive system. Single-point auto lubers are the best way to eliminate over/under greasing, overheating, bearing failures, replacement costs, and other time-consuming maintenance issues. Pulsarlube offers the BEST solution for your maintenance problems by offering top-of-the-line discharge pressures to avoid clogging and low-cost refill kits to help you get the highest ROI possible when using auto lubers.

You can now purchase our line of auto-lubricators and refill kits in the EcoTech Online Shop!

Pulsarlube "E" Series

The Pulsarlube E Series is the most economical unit for automatically greasing most standard applications (and it’s intrinsically safe!). It’s a recyclable unit that is powered by a gas-producing reaction that pushes grease out. You can choose to use the unit over 1 month all the way up to 12 months. You’re able to choose any grease that your application needs. No need to hassle with battery packs or grease guns anymore! Contact us today to get your greasing program setup, so you can worry about other aspects of your process!

Check out the video for a demonstration on features and how easy the “E” Unit is to operate:

Pulsarlube "M" Series

The Pulsarlube M Series is the most capable mechanical unit on the market. It uses a gear pump to push the grease out at the highest industry discharge pressure (to avoid clogging). Also, the refill kits are the most cost-effective options in the industry to help you get the highest ROI possible! Contact us today to get your auto greasing program started or to learn more about numerous functions the M Series offers.

Check out the video for a demonstration on how easy the “M” Series is to operate: